Workshop 1- Gut and Digestive Health Workshop

Why is it we largely ignore our gut? 
because we don't know just how IMPORTANT and AMAZING  it is!
An INVALUABLE workshop!. The gut is not called the second brain for nothing! With its own nervous system completely independent of the body, and more nerve cells than your entire spinal cord, the gut plays a large part in depression, anxiety, how we feel and even how we think! It can even be the cause of your back pain.


I would like to bring the self-care massage to you online as well as a fantastic informative and beneficial workshop on gut health. Come on a one-to-one session with me and learn how your emotions affect your gut and vice versa to cause anxiety, depression and even control the way you think! Learn how all those unreleased emotions are causing you physical illness and mental havoc and best of all, learn how to release them! 


There has been much scientific research done and the findings are now widely available to view on the internet. It is now a very common conclusion that the microorganisms present in the gastrointestinal tract could influence COVID-19 severity and this research shows for the first time that the virus replicates in the gut bacteria and can affect the severity of the virus on your body (more info CLICK HERE)


When you learn about how vitaly important to your health and amazing your gut is, you will WANT to take better care of it. 

We will do a thorough review of your physical, digestive and emotional health and I will teach you how to improve your abdominal, reproductive and digestive health and also review any present pathologies you may have.

You will learn the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy self-care massage which is an incredible, health giving, amazing tool you can use for many present pathologies, digestive issues, enhanced fertility, emotional release to name a few, as well as to enhance good health throughout your entire life. 


You will also learn why castor oil packs are so beneficial and how to do one for yourself!


You will learn what other supporting modalities are relative to you personally AND learn extra tips on how to keep your gut happy and healthy which are easy to incorporate into your daily life.


Pathologies this self care massage will support and help prevent are - 


Painful PMS . Fertility difficulties . Amenorrhea . Menstrual Pain . Hormonal Imbalance . Endometriosis . Ovulation Pain . Menopause . Surgery Recovery . Uterine Fibroids . Ovarian Cysts . Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) . Chronic Bladder / Vaginal infections . Back Pain . Displaced Uterus . Enlarged Prostate . Constipation . Scar Tissue and Adhesions . Certain Types of Erectile Dysfunction . Frequent Urination . Pelvic Fluid Congestion . Crohn's Disease . Ulcerative Colitis . Varicose Veins . Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression etc) . Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (heartburn, acid reflux etc) . Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) . Diverticulitis . Urinary System Issues (Interstitial  Cystitis, incontinence, urinary infections, etc.) . Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) . Haemorrhoids

So contact me NOW and improve your health and wellbeing because you really will reap the benefits throughout your entire life!!

Gut Health Workshop

I would like to make this amazing personal consultation,  

one-to-one workshop and self-care massage instruction available to as many people as possible. Your investment in yourself is


ONLY £100!!

this truly is an investment in your health for life.


Workshop 2 - Health, Nutrition and Wellness 

One - to - One Coaching 

A kickstart consultation to better health and a new you. Whatever your goal, you will get an in depth consultation so I can create a complete picture of your current health and nutrition, including history, challenges, and goals (physical, emotional and spiritual). I will then make my recommendations based on what you personally need, taking into account your goals,  lifestyle,  background health and where you are physically, emotionally and mentally. 
ONLY £100

Workshop 3- Mayan Spiritual Bathing

Discover the spiritual healing power of plants 

The Maya people have lived in Central America for thousands of years. Although many of their traditions were stamped out by Spanish Catholic missionaries in the 1500s, their spiritual bathing and many healing practices survived, passed from mother to daughter, elder to apprentice and shaman to shaman.


Even today, spiritual bathing is an integral and revered component of indigenous Maya medical practices and daily life.  Adults and children are regularly bathed in water infused with sacred plants and prayers to ensure their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. The vibrational power of water along with plants, sacred incense, and prayerful intention can free you from the past and reconnect you to your soul force.

Mayan Spiritual Bathing is a practice used to remove spiritual illness or emotional blocks. This Mayan practice recognises that dis-ease can reside in the body or soul and that the causes of illness can be physical or spiritual in nature. Using sacred waters, herbs, flower essences, copal incense, prayer, and intention participants gain liberation from emotional obstacles, clarity of mind, and feel uplifted in their spirit.


Maya ritual baths are designed to treat what the Maya call spiritual diseases of the soul. These diseases encompass the universality of all human suffering. Even if you do not believe in the soul and need to view things from a scientific aspect, our body is energy and energy cannot die. As we know through thermodynamics, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes states.

We have all heard of good energy and bad energy. You may have even felt different types of energy radiating from other people. Our energy can be negative or positive and it needs caring for just as much as our physical body.


Each spiritual illness has a specific set of symptoms that may include general malaise, stomach ulcers, insomnia, nightmares, nervousness, digestive problems and other physical ailments as well as a lack of interest in daily life. People with a spiritual disease may also feel dispirited, depressed, weak, fragmented and disassociated from themselves and the world.

No one can deny the healing power of plants, after all, our modern day medicine derives from natural plants, and those who use alternative medicines know how powerful plants, herbs and flowers are.

Come on a one-to-one mini-workshop with me and learn the ritual of a spiritual bath to:

Lift your spirit

Remove negativity and obstacles that block you from achieving goals

Help bring closure to trauma

Release fear, grief, resentment, envy, and anxiety

Bring clarity, courage, and confidence​

ONLY £30

Workshop 4 - Hot Castor Oil Pack

Discover the healing and detox power of castor oil. 
Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil, derived from the castor bean has been used in healing for centuries. It is an easy and effective home therapy that you can do regularly to improve your lymphatic drainage and detoxify the body.  It is also an excellent support for many conditions I treat with Arvigo Abdominal Therapy.

Castor oil, when applied topically to the abdomen, is absorbed through the skin into the tissues below.  The heat applied helps to drive the castor oil into deeper layers. The castor oil increases lymphocyte production and increases the circulation of the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is like the sewer system of the body. Toxins, infections, metals, dead cells and debris from all over the body are collected and cleaned up by it before being passed on to the liver for filtering and the emptying of the colon.  When our lymphatic system is not working effectively, waste and toxins can build up which can lead to a compromised immune system, inefficient bowel movements, worsening food sensitivities and poor circulation ultimately leading to inflammation and disease.

Castor oil packs can help stimulate the liver, relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation and improve digestion, increase lymphatic drainage, detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, improve bowel movements, heal the tissues and organs underneath the skin, reduce food sensitivities, decrease inflammation, prevent disease, enhance overall health and is an excellent support for pelvic and abdominal health

*Castor oil should not be taken internally, applied to broken skin, or used during heavy bleeding, gaseous stomach, intestinal conditions, or during pregnancy or breast feeding.

ONLY £40

Workshop 5 - Herbal Steam
Discover the numerous benefits of this age old practice. 

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 16_23_12.png

Perineum (vaginal) steam baths, or “Bajos” (ba-hoes), as they are known in Spanish, are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus in conjunction with Arvigo Therapy for the treatment of numerous female symptoms.  Perineum steaming is a very popular Mayan culture in Central America, and it is very common among women because it works. It is an excellent supporting modality.

The warmth of the steam works to soften and open tissues of the vagina which are exceptionally porous and absorbent. The medicinal properties of the herbs, including volatile oils, are released and carried to the surface of the skin and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and ultimately, into the uterus. In doing so, the uterus is supported to function at its best, thus reducing the amount of work it has to do, and therefore your discomfort.

The effectiveness of perineum steams isn't limited to just eliminating cramps and cleansing the uterus. Perineum steaming has been known by women throughout history, results include:

Wonderful detoxing effect . Significantly reduce discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles . Cleanse entire reproductive system . Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses . Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles . Increase fertility, especially when combined with Arvigo abdominal massage . Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth . Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse . Assist with the healing of haemorrhoids . Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and maintain a healthy odour . Relieve symptoms of menopause . Help clean out and renew uterus lining . Lessen symptoms associated with endometriosis . Increase libido . Increase circulation and sensation in the vagina . Thins mucus . Supports the releases stored of stored emotions . Deep relaxation . Supports harmonising and balancing all aspects of the being.

Perineum steaming is an age old remedy that has been tested and approved by generations before us.

*Vaginal steams should not be used during pregnancy, menstruation, or breastfeeding.


ONLY £30